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Raekwon – The Babygrande Recordings

babygrande recordings

These are the leftovers from OB4CL2. I guess the album took so long to make cause he made it twice. I’ll try to update the download link if it gets taken down. I’m not sure if this will be sold in stores or not.

This site has it.


1 Do it big (feat. Busta Rhymes & Icewater) (Prod. by 3:58
2 Cocaine (feat. Slaine & U-God) (Prod. by Da 2:25
3 Click Click (feat. Icewater) (Prod. by Jamie 4:45
4 My piano (feat. Ghostface, Dion & Hi-Tek) (Prod. by 4:07
5 Let’s get it (feat. Three 6 Mafia) (Prod. by SC) 3:24
6 Knuckle up (feat. Pimp C & Icewater) (Prod. by 4:31
7 I’m a boss (feat. Rick Ross & Icewater) (Prod. by 3:45
Ez Elpee)
8 Where it started at [NY] (feat. Jadakiss, Papoose, 4:45
Talib Kweli, Hi-Tek & Dion) (Prod. by Hi-Tek)
9 Hip-Hop Tribute (feat. Icewater) (Prod. by Emile) 3:54
10 Original man (feat. Lord Jamar & Kasim Allah) 5:32
(Prod. by Preservation)
11 Tell me how you like it (feat. Remy Ma & Icewater) 3:27
(Prod. by Supa Dave West)